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Release Notes

Build 1.1.1915.4645 (December-2018)

  • Changed: When choosing a Job from a Notification only Jobs for the "selected client" are shown
  • Changed: Re-Ordered fields on Client Edit form and made lables clearer for users
  • Changed: Call-Out Numbers are now included in Call-Out Search
  • Changed: Added Active/InActive and Sort Filters to Hour Sheets Report
  • Changed: Added "Description" to "Job No" for Manufactured Items
  • Fixed: "StockItem [0] cannot be found." error when selecting a Supplier on a new Stock Item

Build 1.1.1904.4622 (November-2018)

  • Fixed: Call-Outs with Material and/or Check-Lists can no longer be deleted
  • Fixed: CostPlus Jobs that have been invoiced can no longer be set back to "Quote in Progress"

Build 1.1.1880.4570 (October-2018)

  • Fixed: Removed ALL Pastel SDK Limitations
  • Fixed: Values on Work in Progress Report are being filtered correctly to the "Report Period To" date
  • Fixed: Comments on Call-Outs no longer show paragraph tags

Build 1.1.1856.4518 (September-2018)

  • Fixed: Call-Outs with Customer Satisfaction Survey that have been Returned to Artisan can now be signed-off
  • Fixed: VAT Incl and VAT ammounts now pull corretly into .csv
  • Fixed: When the date on a Call-Out is changed (Time-Sheet) the date on the Call-Out is now changed too

Build 1.1.1840.4484 (August-2018)

Build 1.1.1818.4437 (July-2018)

Build 1.1.1787.4373 (June-2018)

  • Fixed: CheckBox List Values not "Saving" on Check Lists
  • Fixed: Load-speed of Quotes, Jobs and Call-Out Lists
  • Fixed: Time-Sheet entries can no longer be captured "backwards"
  • Fixed: Error when merging Jobs
  • Fixed: Only Active Users can be assigned to Sub-Store / Vehicles

Build 1.1.1769.4335 (May-2018)

  • Fixed: Don't allow Orders to be Completed against Jobs that are Completed
  • Fixed: Stock Take Values now static
  • Fixed: All references to Internal Jobs are now only available if the Internal Jobs Module is enabled

Build 1.1.1742.4267 (April-2018)

  • Added: Accounts can now be associated with a Country
    • Currency Symbols, Tax types, Tax % and Public Holidays can be set per Country
  • Added: "External Files" can be attached to Outgoing emails
    • PDFs can be merged into a Single Attachment
    • Call-Out Invoices can have the Call-Out Report attached to the email
  • Changed: Added "2nd Level Menu" to Company Details
  • Changed: When receiving Invoices to Orders use the Inoive Date to determine VAT % (Not Order Date)
  • Changed: Stock on On-Hand now flags the item as having a problem if going negative at Stock Take
  • Changed: Added Pastel Tax Codes to Company Details (for change in VAT %)
  • Fixed: Back-Office Menu no longer opens for Mobi users when clicking on an Activity of type Job
  • Fixed: Bulk Stock Transfers are very slow
  • Fixed: Prices on Expenses Report are now pulling the price on date of transaction

Build 1.1.1725.4228 (March-2018)

Build 1.1.1701.4174 (February-2018)

Build 1.1.1674.4115 (January-2018)

Build 1.1.1643.4045 (December-2017)

Build 1.1.1624.4002 (November-2017)

Build 1.1.1602.3953 (October-2017)

Build 1.1.1558.3851 (September-2017)

Build 1.1.1518.3758 (August-2017)

Build 1.1.1481.3671 (July-2017)

Build 1.1.1448.3599 (June-2017)

Build 1.1.1419.3522 (May-2017)

Build 1.1.1392.3457 (Apr-2017)

  • Added: Permission to set Order with status "Awaiting Invoice" back to "Processing"
  • Added: Report Total to the Expenses Report
  • Added: "Expenses" to Monthly Totals Report

Build 1.1.1381.3425 (Mar-2017)

  • Fixed: "Order received to vehicle problem"; stock movement log was reflecting transactions in the incorrect order
  • Fixed: Problems with "View Cost Breakdown on Call-Outs" not displaying unless the user was logged-in

Build 1.1.1340.3333 (Feb-2017)

  • Fixed: Usage Report Totals
  • Fixed: Invoice List load-speed

Build 1.1.1320.3280 (Jan-2017)

Build 1.1.1292.3210 (Nov-2016)

Build 1.1.1266.3147 (Oct-2016)

Build 1.1.1229.3063 (Sep-2016)

Build 1.1.1184.2939 (Aug-2016)

Build 1.1.1155.2873 (Jun-2016)

Build 1.1.1109.2798 (May-2016)

Build 1.1.1085.2736 (Apr-2016)

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