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Feature Requests

We think of growing the Eazy Contracting Application like Building an Aircraft in Flight. (We add new features to the application on an almost daily basis.)

These are the guidelines that we follow when we get a Feature Request:
  1. Is the Feature Request generic?
    1. Does it fit into our product offering?
    2. Will other clients benefit from it? 
  2. Is it something that will enhance our product offering and improve sales potential??
If NO  for 1. then we won't consider the Feature Request.
If YES  for 1. and 2. then Eazy Contracting may add the Feature Request to the Development Backlog and pay for the development.
  • The Feature will be prioritised based on Development Budget available and other development already in the development Queue.
    • If the Requestee would like the Feature urgently, they will have the option to pay for the development, and the feature will be prioritised on the Development Queue. (The Requestee that pays for the Development will not be charged to use it, if Eazy Contracting chooses to charge for the module; see the point below.)
  • Eazy Contracting may charge additionally for use of the Feature (Module).
If YES  for 1. and not for 2. then we will add the Feature Request to the Development Backlog if the Requestee pays for the development.
  • Development will be estimated and the Requestee will be Invoiced for the coding when it is deployed. 
  • The Feature will be coded as a priority.
  • All clients will have the feature available to them.
  • Eazy Contracting will not charge for the use of the Feature.

If you have a Feature Request that you would like us to consider then please email support@eazycontracting.com with your request.


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